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Add Your Lead Magnet to Sales Pages

Add optins to the Sales Pages if the product is related. The optin is a taste of a larger product or series of products that you will sell.

If it is not related, the visitors will be confused.

Use your email provider to create a slide in or pop up when the visitor has been on the page or is about to leave. Make sure the timing is set for a longer time so the visitor can view and read the entire sales page without being distracted.

Another option is to add a form to the page within the content. It will be clickable without any distracting movement.

Add a remarketing Pixel

A really interesting way to market your lead magnets to people who came to your sales pages or landing pages but did not act is to use remarketing. You can get a pixel for various platforms that you install on your website (it’s just a cut and paste action) that will then trigger ads that you set up to display only to people who have visited your page before. This is a great way to say “You didn’t buy XYZ but here’s a free gift for you” and then give them the option to sign up for the lead magnet.

The point is to engage potential customers, get them interested in you lead magnet so they will want more of your products.

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