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Include Offers in Your Lead Magnet

We are in business to both help people and make money so it makes sense to monetize your lead magnets. The audience will  get benefits because it is useful but you can also make money.

These are long term strategies and continuing strategies, not a one and done effort. On your website, there are several places that you can include links to your lead magnets or other products.

Tools You Use Page

You should have a resource page with the tools and services you use. You can even offer a type of this list in your products or even a separate lead magnet.  Many of the links should be affiliate links. But, if you use resources that don’t have affiliate links still include links to those too. Include such things as any tools you use, memberships you value, PLR providers or courses you have taken that you have learned from.

About the Author Page

Surprise: The Author page is NOT about you but your experience and what you can do to help the customer in their journey. It will help establish some trust and your position as an authority and you can mention products that have helped you (affiliate products) or products that you have created that helped others (your links with testimonials).

In Content

Whenever you are writing content (emails, newsletters, blogs, lead magnets, etc) you should be providing links with helpful products (either your own links or affiliate links). 

Your products should link to each other. Within each product you will probably include a terms of use page and can also include similar products, courses or templates that may also help the customer.

You should be using all three methods to monetize your lead magnet. Something I learned while selling teaching materials was to include a page with the next or new product to get repeat sales with every product.

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