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More Party Pack Graphics

More color coordinated graphics to add to the party pack set. In pastel pinks, peaches and blues, these graphics will look great on covers, in planners, journals, on POD items, on cards, bookmarks, etc. Design a whole series of products for wedding showers, baby showers, birthdays and anniversaries. 

Whatever the occasion, you will be prepared to celebrate with this pack of graphics, all with a commercial license. Feel free to edit or use as is. 

20 More Graphics

Word Art in Peach, Purple, Blue and Pink

9 Additional Frames plus Banners

10 Labels

What can you do with these graphics?

  •  Mix and match the designs to create planners, journals, covers and scrapbook pages to give away on your own site or on platforms like Etsy or Shopify.
  • Use them  for digital stationery, cards,  gift tags, bookmarks or page borders. 
  • Combine them with planners and journals to create new designs for sale.
  • The Commercial License allows you to use and reuse as many times as you like. 
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