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The Simple Templates are a great way to get products up quickly for sale on your own website or your ETSY store. I have the entire collection. You change the colors, add some graphics and mix and match the different templates for a different product. Example: the Personal Finance simple templates with the Tax Time templates will not only help you with your expenses but combined are a great product to sell.  Click the link below to have a look. 

Looking for a course that will help you create and repurposed content that you can sell?  This is the premium course. I love Ruthie’s teaching style . This course will teach you how to take those purchased coloring pages and redesign them–simple changes even if you are not a designer. 

This is a course that you will continue to use.  This is a course that I have purchased and highly recommend it. Click the link below to learn more. 

This is the course that started me on my digital paper obsession, lol. Not only did I learn how to use Photoshop but I learned so much about creating color palettes that I still use today. If you want to improve your skills and add this product line to the resources you sell, you will love this course. Click on the link below to learn more. 

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