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Wrap Up This 7 Day Lead Magnet Challenge

The entire point of any lead magnet besides selling your main product or service is to get people on your email list so that you can engage with them, nurture a relationship with them, and encourage them to trust you so that when you promote something to them that good portion of them say yes to your offers.

While the lead magnet is very important, and you should create an awesome one, the follow-up is imperative. Otherwise, there is no real point in building an email list if you’re going to just send one or two emails after they download the lead magnet and forget about them. They’ll forget about you too, and you won’t build a hungry audience and a growing income at the same time.

Set Up Your Auto Responder Right – Your autoresponder is the key to ensuring that once you get people on your list that they read and respond to your messages. The way to avoid issues is to use every segmenting feature that your autoresponder offers including tagging, personalization, and link tracking so that they don’t get too many repeat offers of things they already own.

Segment Your Audience Strategically – While there are some obvious ways to segment a better way to segment is based on your overall strategy for making sales. Using behavioral elements in your segmenting works better than almost any other type of segmenting because it’s all based on the actions or non-action that your list member takes.

Craft Valuable Follow Up Series – The moment you’ve created a product to sell, and a lead magnet to build your list, also create a follow up series of a minimum of 7 emails although 30 emails is probably better as it gives you more time to keep adding to the email messages as your audience grows and you start getting questions. Ensure that every email you send has a CTA such as join our Facebook Group, take advantage of this sale, respond to this survey or something else. It doesn’t always have to be a paid thing although it’s good if there is a paid component possible for every email you send out.

Promote Your Own Other Products & Services – It’s also okay to promote other products and services that you have created that are related to the reason they downloaded the lead magnet. For example, if you sell lipstick but are expanding to selling perfume there is no reason to think that they won’t be interested in knowing.

Keep the Discussion Going – Sharing with your audience everywhere else they can find you and engage with you is also a great way to keep the discussion going and build trust with your audience. If you’re going to speak somewhere, tell them, if you’re hosting a webinar, let them know regardless of how they got on your email list.

Even though you’re creating monetized lead magnets that’s not the entire point of the lead magnet. You want to build a sustaining audience that’s ready for everything you teach them, talk to them about, or promote to them. For some people they’ll buy right away, for others it can take a year or more for them to trust you enough to spend money. The way that’s going to be most successful is to keep in touch often with valuable, relevant, and targeted information.

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