Printable Habit Trackers for Daily Routines

Are you someone who is striving to achieve new goals? Using habit trackers have been shown to improve success in reaching goals and implementing new routines Say goodbye to scattered routines and hello to streamlined success! This is why habit trackers are so popular on ETSY.

Using trackers will change the way people track and manage daily habits, helping achieve and reach personal and business goals. And they can help with a variety of habits, including budgeting and savings.

Why Use Printables for Tracking Habits and Daily Routines:

It’s essential to find effective methods that keep people focused and motivated. Printables offer a tangible advantage that digital tools often lack. The act of physically writing down your habits and crossing them off as you complete them creates a sense of accomplishment and reinforces your commitment. Sometimes you want a simple checklist to track your habits or you may want a visual type of habit tracker.

No more worrying about low battery or software glitches – printables are reliable, always accessible, and ready to support any productivity journey. Hang them up on a bulletin board or even the refrigerator–do people still hang stuff there? I know I do.

Types of Habit Printables:

Habit Trackers

Forming positive habits is crucial to success. All types of trackers are powerful tools for monitoring progress and establishing new routines. You can choose from a variety of layouts, including simple grids or visually appealing charts.

For example, you can use a tracker to record daily tasks like networking, content creation, emails sent, or client follow-ups. By tracking and visually representing your progress, you’ll have a clear overview of your habits and be motivated to consistently improve. Try creating a business planner with a variety of trackers to help people manage their business tasks.

Daily Routine Planners

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to running a successful business. Daily routine planners provide a structured framework for maximizing your productivity. These printables break down your day into manageable time blocks, allowing you to allocate specific periods for crucial tasks and activities.

Whether it’s scheduling client meetings, strategic planning, or personal self-care, a daily routine planner ensures that you make the most of every minute and achieve optimal results.

Meal and Fitness Trackers

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for everyone. Meal and fitness trackers help maintain balance and wellness while managing a hectic schedule. A meal tracker is used to plan and track all types of numbers: carbs, protein, sugars, calories, etc. You can even tap into different types of diets and create a meal planner and tracker for certain diets: Keto meal planner for instance.

A fitness tracker, on the other hand, enables you to log workouts, set goals, and monitor progress toward your fitness aspirations. Prioritizing your well-being will enhance your focus, resilience, and overall performance.

Even those of us who are not focused on diet and exercise will track their steps, sleep and water consumption. So mini trackers are valuable in every planner.

Other Types of Trackers

Savings Trackers: Creating trackers where someone puts away a certain amount of money each day, week, month is helpful to focus on saving money. And you can use all types of icons to represent the savings.

Pictured below is a set of 10 Savings trackers, created in Canva. If you want a set of Canva Templates you can customize and sell, GET SAVINGS TRACKERS HERE. And use the code SAVINGST12 to save $10.

Email Trackers: Trying to establish a routine of sending daily or weekly newsletters to your email list? Try using a tracker. You can also use a tracker to keep track of affiliate offers, sales and clicks.

Product Sales: Trying to keep track of sales and payments to affiliates? Try using a tracker to separate your sales and affiliate sales of your products. Keeping track of these statistics could give you valuable information about what types of products are doing well and what other related products you can create.

TV Show Tracker: There are also sellers on ETSY selling trackers so you can keep track of shows you are watching on TV. The description is that you will always know where you left off on you binge watching.

Debt Tracker: These are very popular for people to get out of debt using various types of budgeting. Snowball tracker is probably the most well known, but there are variations.

Reading Tracker: You can keep track of pages read or books read. If you are trying to develop the habit of reading the Bible daily, you can track the verses read daily.

Mood Tracker: This type of tracker usually has emojis as the way of tracking mood. This helps people be more aware of their mood each day and tracking what affected it.

Bad Habit Breaker: This is so helpful if someone is trying to break a bad habit. This habit can be biting nails, drinking coffee or excessive TV time.

Where to Find Printables

Finding high-quality habit and routine printables is easier than ever Platforms such as Pinterest, Etsy, and various websites offer a wide selection of professionally designed printables.

You can create many different types using Canva templates and switching them up. Change the color, font, layout and add some graphics and you have a whole new design.

Utilize search functions to discover templates tailored to your specific needs, such as habit trackers for time management or daily routine planners with customizable sections. And they are easy to design, especially in Canva.

Tips for Effective Use:

To make the most of habit and routine trackers, here are some tips:

Trackers should be kept visual. This means on the desk, displayed on the wall, somewhere they can be seen so the focus is on them all the time.

Second, establish a consistent routine for filling out your printables. Make it a non-negotiable habit to update them at the same time each day or week.

Finally, embrace the flexibility of printables by customizing them to align with your unique business needs. Experiment with different layouts, categories, and designs until you find what works best for you.

And of course anything that is printable can be made in a digital format as well. Create in Excel or Google sheets. Trackers are a easy entry into spreadsheet sales in ETSY or your own shop because they are usually focused on one goal.

I would love to hear if you create habit trackers, either printable or digital versions and if you sell them separately or in your planners. Drop a comment below or email me at

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