8 Tips to Creating with Canva

8 Tips to Creating with Canva

I love creating with Canva. I have been creating with Canva for years for product covers  social media posts and product videos.   Over the years, Canva has made huge improvements. It was great before, but now it is growing so quickly it is difficult to keep up with all the upgrades.

8 Tips to Creating with Canva

And some of these tools have been around for a while, but now that I amusing Canva to create more products, videos and website pages, I am experimenting with the tools more. And the virtual Canva Event happened this week with more tools unveiled. CANVA VIRTUAL EVENT

Canva is a powerful and user-friendly platform for creating professional designs. It offers a wide range of features, such as drag-and-drop editing, pre-made templates and easy access to images, fonts and colors. If you have not tried Canva, check it out. CANVA LINK

It gives users the ability to quickly bring their ideas to life without needing design skills or experience. With the drag-and-drop editor, users can easily customize any template with their own photos, logos or text.

And Canva generates shareable high resolution files that are suitable for both digital and print media – so you don’t have to go through extra steps or incur extra costs when gearing up for printing or publishing your designs online. Overall, Canva provides an efficient way of creating

Check out these nifty Canva tools:

1. Text to Image in Canva

The Text to Image tool in Canva is a great way to quickly convert your text into an image. Whether you’re creating a meme, designing a logo, or simply want to make a text-based graphic, this tool can help you do it in seconds.

All you have to do is type or paste the desired text into the available box and hit “Generate”. The tool will then create an image featuring the exact words and font of your choice! With this versatile tool, you can create unique images for any situation or occasion.

Using Text to Image in Canva

You typically get 4 versions of your image, so you can choose the one you like or all of them. Copy the images to a page and those images will be saved in your “images” folder.

2.  Recolor Graphics and Background Pages

You are never stuck with the color of the image you uploaded. Need it to have a little more blue?  More red? Less yellow? Use the different filters to recolor your image. You can make a pastel version of your image or even a greyscale or black and white.

example of different filters to adjust an image

In the image above a simple rainbow was transformed using different filters to change the color and design. Use a variety of filters when editing an image to achieve the effect you need. You can match colors using the eyedropper.

3. Adding a Brand page or Color Palette Page to Your Products

When you are selling a journal or planner, a useful page for your customers is to create a page that contains the color palette and any fonts. This way, customers can use the color swatches when editing the file.

adding a page to products with colors and fonts

If you are providing a link to Canva templates to customers, they can access fonts within the program, however ifyou also provide a PowerPoint file for editing, this font information is important.

Adding the fonts should include the name of the font as well as a link to where the font can be purchased. While Canva uses popular or google fonts, if you use them outside of Canva, commercial use is not included.

4. Create Custom Frames

Frames are fun.  I love the letter frames where you can add images like photos or digital paper.  But did you know that you can create your own frames using shapes or icons in PowerPoint?

Creating custom frames to use in Canva

You can create a bird frame or a happy face frame.

5. Create Bookmarks

Bookmarks are ease to create using the different shapes and clip art within the platform.  If you are creating products to sell, it is wiser to upload your own clip art from a site such as Creative Fabrica.  Canva has a tricky policy regarding their images.

video creating bookmarks with Canva

And you can add quotes to the bookmarks using Bulk Create (see #6)

6. Batch with Bulk Create

One new feature I love is the “bulk create” which makes creating flash cards, affirmation cards and motivational prompts in journals a snap.  You can either create a list or use an excel sheet (saved as a CSV file) with your text.

using several types of tips to create in Canva

Bulk Create  also helps ensure consistency between the items that are being created, since they all follow the same template or format. Depending on the application being used to do the bulk creation, users may also have some flexibility in how they configure their items during the creation process.

7. Magic Edit

Ok, I will be honest. This one is just plain fun. I am really thinking how I can use this for a serious business need but right now I’m having too much fun. You can use the eraser to highlight an area, I highlighted the head of the cat, then type what you want instead. I typed Kangaroo head.  Then it replaces in the picture what you typed.

examples of changing photos with Magic Edit. The cat now has the head of a kangaroo.

I suppose if you have a business image and want to erase some element and include another, Magic Edit will work for that. But so far, this one is pure entertainment. I added fun glasses to my face and added a superhero head to the cat.

8. Magic Write

With all the discussion about Artificial Intelligence and how easy it is to use prompts to create copy and different types of writing, I suppose we should have predicted that Canva would throw their hat in the ring. And they have. Magic write is just that. But it works even better than most AI generators I have tried.

I used Jasper.ai to create a set of 50 prompts on gratitude. It gave me 10. To be fair, it did give me 3 sets of 10 but not the 50 I asked for. I asked Magic Write for 50 prompts and got 50. Then I wanted to test the limits and asked for 100, and it gave me 81.

However, it also is a little judgmental about what it will produce. I asked for 25 funny excuses why students would not do their homework and this is the response.

response to a Magic Write prompts

When I was using the Magic Edit I asked for a Kangaroo smoking a cigar and it told me that my prompt was offensive and could not generate it.

Check out my previous blog post on organizing your projects in Canva so you are not overwhelmed. 5 TIPS FOR ORGANIZING YOUR CANVA ACCOUNT as well as this blog on creating digital paper. One way I did this was in Canva: 3 WAYS TO CREATE SEAMLESS PAPER.

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