Creating 3 Valentine Printables

Are you looking for some last minute Valentine Printables to sell on ETSY or in your shop for Valentine’s Day?  Any product can be altered to add hearts and flowers to make products for the day. However, in addition to the cards, signs, wall art and gift tags, here are 3 easy to create printable perfect for the holiday.

Valentine Printables Coupons

The first Valentine Printables product is Coupons, or more specifically Love Coupons. You can use any prompt you like when you are creating these, even go a little racy because that will sell as well. I keep mine pretty safe.  

You can create coupons for Her, Him for a Couple or just keep them gender neutral. Here’s an example of what my coupons look like:

There ae 3 coupons to a Letter size page, and the first coupon is a “cover”.  Once the coupons are printed, the customer will punch two holes through the set and then add a ribbon.

I used the font: Rustic Pantry that I downloaded from Creative Fabrica. And used a generic template from Canva. Once customized, I downloaded as a PDF for sale.

These coupons can be adapted for every holiday: Anniversary, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. It would also be fun to create coupons for kids to use during school vacations. So this same template can be repurposed into many different seasons or holida

If you are looking for additional prompts, here are some to get you started:

Games and Activity Pages for Valentine Printables

Holiday themed Bingo is always a winner.  I like to sell Bingo Cards in sets of 30 cards so teachers can also use them in the classroom, but smaller sets are popular. You can use pictures instead of number, or use words, or categories and let people combine a scavenger hunt with Bingo.

You can create a template in PowerPoint or Canva and then add your own pictures or text. And there is no reason why you must use the traditional 5 x 5 grid. I have seen sets of Bingo cards in 3 x 3, 4 x 4 and 6 x 6.

I use the Puzzle Pro software to create Bingo Cards easily. If you want to check it out, here is the link: Puzzle Pro Demo (not an affiliate link). You can try several variations of the puzzles.  You can create mazes, sudoku, word search, cross sums and other types of puzzles.

You can create a book of holiday themed puzzles for kids or adults using a variety of different types of puzzles. An 8 game bundle of printable games sells for about $12 while just a set of Bingo cards sells for about $3.

Valentine Journal Cards

The third type of Valentine Printable is Journal/Pocket Cards. Pocket Cards typically have a pocket on them to hold stuff but are also called pocket cards because they can fit in a pocket. They can be used in many ways. Printed on card stock, these are mini cards that have a design on one side and you can write a message on the other side.

You can place in lunchboxes or briefcases. You can use them in a classroom for students to exchange or in scrapbooks to make notes. Usually they are 3 x 4 inches and are easy to make in PowerPoint.

Create in PowerPoint in Landscape. I made the individual shape and spread them even across the page, leaving room for cutting. You can add text, quotes,

Of course, you can also add lines for text on the front of the card. or design a pocket for the card by designing a half card using a triangle or half square.

I hope you have some easy ideas to fill your shop. These three products are actually ones you can repurpose for different seasons and holidays.

If you are still looking for ideas for products to sell, check out these blog posts 13 Tips for Creating Printables to Sell and Creating Wall Art for more ideas.

I would love to see what you create, please drop me a line at and send me an image. And I might send you a Thank You.

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