A Cornucopia of Thanksgiving Printable Products to Sell

Thanksgiving printable products not only add a festive touch to your celebrations but are a great holiday seller. It is less than 3 months until Thanksgiving and now is the time to post those products, ready for customers to view. ETSY says your products need to be posted about 2 months before the holiday to gain views.

When it comes to creating Thanksgiving printables to sell, the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas for the types of Thanksgiving printables that can be popular and in-demand.

Thanksgiving Printable Cards

Thanksgiving Party Invitations: Design and create printable invitations with festive themes, incorporating elements like turkeys, pumpkins, autumn leaves, and harvest motifs. Offer customizable options where customers can add their own text and details. You can use Programs such as Corjl where your customer can take your design and add their details.

Thank You Cards: Design printable thank you cards specifically tailored for expressing gratitude during the Thanksgiving season. Customers can use them to show appreciation to friends, family, and hosts for their generosity and hospitality.

Meal Planning

Menu Planners and Grocery Lists: Help people stay organized and plan their Thanksgiving feast with printable menu planners and grocery lists. Include sections for appetizers, main courses, side dishes, desserts, and beverages to assist in creating a comprehensive shopping list.

Recipe Cards and Cookbooks: Create beautifully designed recipe cards featuring traditional Thanksgiving dishes or unique recipes. You can also compile a collection of recipes into a printable cookbook, providing customers with a convenient resource for preparing a memorable Thanksgiving meal.

Or create a Recipe Book of Memories. One of the things I remember growing up is at holiday time, friends and family would bring a dish for the dinner. I cherish those recipes now and still bring them out with stories about the people who gave me the recipes. Here’s one I made for the family Barbeque Recipes.

Create a Recipe Book so customers can add their own memories. Add a page for the recipe and photos of the recipe. And on the facing page a memory of the person who created the recipe.

Table Setting Templates: Offer printable templates for creating stunning tablescapes. Provide designs for place cards, napkin rings, centerpieces, and table runners. Consider including various themes and styles to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Place Mats and Coasters: Create printable place mats and coasters with Thanksgiving-inspired designs. Incorporate elements like turkeys, autumn foliage, and harvest motifs, offering a stylish and functional addition to holiday table settings.

These also act to keep the kids entertained if you include puzzles, coloring, riddles or drawing activities. A standard place mat size is generally 12 x 14 up to 20 inches wide. This is larger than a standard size paper, even the legal size is 8.5 x 14 inches. So you could have customers print 2 pages and tape/glue together creating a 11 x 16 size. After gluing, you can laminate to make them reusable and keep them clean.

General Planning: Count down to Thanksgiving with chores, cleaning, things to do so customers can check off either in Excel, Google Sheets or Trello the jobs that are needed before Thanksgiving.  

Planners and Journals

Gratitude Journals and Planners: Encourage gratitude and mindfulness during the Thanksgiving season by creating printable gratitude journals and planners. Include prompts, reflection exercises, and space for personal notes, allowing customers to cultivate a sense of appreciation.

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Wall Calendars and Planners: Develop printable monthly calendars and planners featuring Thanksgiving-themed designs. Include spaces for notes, reminders, and meal planning to help individuals stay organized throughout the holiday season.

Gratitude Printables: This is the season of gratitude, so having anything with that theme is popular this time of year. Try gratitude affirmation cards, gratitude word art, gratitude journals, gratitude planners and gratitude workbooks.

Printable Wall Art

Thankful Wall Art: Design printable wall art featuring inspirational quotes, gratitude-themed designs, or beautiful illustrations related to Thanksgiving. Customers can print and frame these pieces to add a festive touch to their home decor.

Games and Activities

Kids’ Activity Packs: Develop printable activity packs filled with coloring pages, puzzles, mazes, and word searches centered around Thanksgiving themes. These can be a hit for parents looking for engaging and educational activities for their children during the holiday.

I use software from Book Publisher Tools to create bingo cards, sudoku puzzles and wordsearches. You can either use numbers with the puzzles and bingo or use images. This makes a fun activity for the whole family. And the Sudoku puzzles with images are even more fun if you use black and white coloring images so kids can color in in the missing images.

9 grid Sudoku too difficult? Well you can adjust the grid as well as the difficulty to make puzzles of all types and level. Here is an example of a kids easy level Sudoku, which will keep kids thinking and coloring.

Family Activities: The kids aren’t the only ones that need to be entertained. You can create Bingo, Scavenger Hunts and all types of puzzles that adults will enjoy as well.  

Video making Bingo Cards

Remember to prioritize high-quality designs, appealing graphics, and user-friendly formats for your printable products. Providing customers with value, convenience, and creativity will make your Thanksgiving printables stand out in the market and attract potential buyers.

And now is the time to get those products in your show and start promoting them. Many sellers are creating in August so they can start promoting in September. But you still have time, so get started today. Want some Gratitude Posts for your Instagram Account? Check below and if you are not a subscriber become one and then pick them up today.

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